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Trusk centralises and streamlines spend management thanks to Memo Bank

Discover how Trusk, a leader in last-mile electric delivery, utilises the Memo Bank platform to enhance its expense management.

Trusk centralises and streamlines spend management thanks to Memo Bank
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The majority of our transactions go through Memo Bank, whose offering is clearly the smoothest on the market, especially in managing payment and collection operations.”

Sébastien Tronel

Cofounder and CFO


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Trusk is a premium last-mile delivery service specializing in bulky items.

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Sébastien Tronel

Sébastien Tronel

Cofounder and CFO

Trusk’s challenges

  • Complex management of employees’ corporate cards
  • Unfluid banking services, limiting financial management
  • Unexploited cash flow
  • Need to multi-bank the company

Memo Bank’s solution

  • Centralization of card management from the Memo Bank platform
  • Acceleration of processing and real-time tracking of all banking operations, thanks to an integrated service offering
  • Valorization of cash surpluses with a responsible term account

Trusk is the reference in last-mile electric delivery

Trusk is a premium last-mile delivery service specialized in bulky items. Its ambition is to offer impeccable customer service and reduce carbon footprint by pioneering electric vehicle delivery (30% of current deliveries, aiming for 50% by the end of 2024).

Trusk works with subcontractors, partner transport companies, to organize deliveries of goods from stores or cross-docking platforms. Trusk has exceeded one million deliveries per year and counts more than 200 clients, mainly large accounts including IKEA, Castorama, and Leroy Merlin.

Trusk's challenges: simplify corporate card management and streamline financial processes Onerous management of corporate cards

Complex management of corporate cards

Traditional banks do not offer an integrated experience with the bank account. Trusk must therefore use an additional solution for corporate expense management, independent of its banking partner, and make cash advances to fund the cards used.

Sébastien Tronel, co-founder and CFO of Trusk, thus sought a bank that brings together on a single interface all the banking services necessary for the financial management of an SME with financial flows of nearly ten million euros per month.

Solutions: centralized expense management and integrated offering consolidating cash flow

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We never would have had such a tailored offering with a traditional bank.

Sébastien Tronel

Cofounder and CFO

Sébastien Tronel

Centralization of expense tracking by card

Using around twenty Memo Bank corporate cards, Trusk can now smoothly and autonomously track and manage all employee expenses. The Memo Bank platform allows:

  • ensuring better cost control;
  • having a clear, centralized, and real-time view of all flows (especially end-of-month debits);
  • customizing the transfer approval system;
  • conducting transaction exports, directly integrable into financial reports.

Such quality of tracking does not exist today among other banking players.” testifies Sébastien Tronel.

Remuneration of liquidity

Thanks to the Memo Bank term account, Trusk putsits cash surpluses to work. Sébastien Tronel also appreciates being able to create his term account quickly, in just a few clicks.

Flexibility in expense management

The deferred payment of corporate cards is a considerable asset, allowing us to avoid using multiple tools to make cash advances to ensure our expenses. notes Sébastien Tronel, who now benefits from a 30-day cash advance and better quality control over all expenses.

Furthermore, the flexibility in overdraft management and instant transfers are essential assets for optimizing cash flow and monitoring Trusk’s activity.

Optimization of the user experience, making Memo Bank the main bank for Trusk

Today, the majority of our flows pass through Memo Bank, whose offering is clearly the smoothest in the market, particularly for managing payment and collection operations. Time and productivity gains are real for our activity.” specifies Sébastien Tronel. The responsiveness of the teams, their ability to provide effective responses to needs, and the impeccable customer service are also important assets compared to traditional banks according to Sébastien Tronel.

Finally, as Trusk actively works to reduce its environmental footprint by using electric vehicles, Sébastien Tronel appreciates collaborating with a bank that is also committed, through various actions, to reducing its carbon footprint.

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