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Antoine Bordalis
Chief Financial Officer of Comet

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Memo Bank:
Embracing tradition,
revolutionising banking.

Changing the French banking landscape

The indisputable reputation and expertise of your banking partners are unquestionable. However, your banks have fallen behind in embracing technological innovations. Banking systems predominantly evolve in response to regulatory requirements (PSD2, GDPR, Basel, etc.) rather than market innovations such as end-to-end automation through APIs or real-time management of transactions.

Memo Bank addresses the lack of innovation and agility seen in traditional banks, restoring control, autonomy, and security in managing cash flows.

A reliable, modern, and responsible commercial bank

We are an independent French bank regulated by the ACPR. Our financial ratios exceed the thresholds set by Basel III regulations. With dedicated account managers providing long-term support, we cater to businesses ranging from €10 million to €100 million in sales. Responsibility is at our core; being a bank and being responsible are inseparable. 

Going beyond your expectations

Your expectations

The traditional bank’s answer.

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Memo Bank’s

End-to-end automation through API

A traditional banks' answer

Lack of a modern, and comprehensive API

Memo Bank's answer

One API with a wide range of applications 

Sound expense management

A traditional banks' answer

Little autonomy or flexibility in managing commercial cards

Memo Bank's answer

Access to an integrated expense management module 

Optimisation of your banking fees

A traditional banks' answer

Unclear and variable fees

Memo Bank's answer

Transparent and predictable fees

etablissement bancaire

Moderne, flexible and scalable banking technology

A traditional banks' answer

A technology unable to fully manage your needs 

Memo Bank's answer

Cutting-edge technology to manage all your needs 

Protect and optimise your liquidity

A traditional banks' answer

Sub-optimised liquidity

Memo Bank's answer

Optimised liquidity

You are opening up previously unimaginable possibilities

Why make things complicated when you can keep it simple?

This also applies to banking.

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