Protecting your data and transactions is our priority

Memo Bank's brand new, highly secure and successfully audited core banking platform ensures the protection of your data and the security of your banking transactions.

Neutralise risk on your transactions

Our brand-new banking technology gives you real-time visibility 24/7 over all your transactions, enabling you to mitigate risks on your accounts.

24/7 real-time visibility on your transactions

Through 24/7 real-time visibility over all your transactions, you can detect, block or correct any financial activity that you do not recognise or that is incorrect.
With our banking API, receive a notification (webhook) on your systems every time an event occurs on your account: outgoing transaction, creation of a new beneficiary, etc.

Identify and validate sensitive transactions

There are no trade-offs when dealing with security. For sensitive transactions requiring your approval, such as adding a beneficiary, you’ll receive instant notifications on your mobile phone for authentication.

Block your accounts, cards, and outgoing transactions.

Lost your card? Block it remotely. A colleague’s account is compromised? Deactivate it. Has money been fraudulentlycollected from your account? Dispute the direct debits.

If you make a mistake when entering the details of an outgoing transfer, you can cancel it as long as we haven’t executed it.

Mitigate the risk of fraud

By using virtual IBANs, the details of your physical bank accounts are never made public. You then mitigate the risk of fraud.

To take things further, we have introduced a feature enabling you to block any outgoing transactions from your accounts.

Your personal data is kept confidential

Through our systems, governance and policy, your personal data are kept confidential and are fully protected.

Two-step authentication

Your Memo Bank password acts as the first line of defense against fraudsters. We help our clients create very strong passwords. To further bolster security, you’ll receive mobile notifications for any new connections or sensitive operations on your account.

Unlike other banks that provide clients with PINsentry card readers for account access, we’ve embraced modernity. Our clients can conveniently access their accounts using our iOS and Android compatible banking application. 

Data hosted in Europe

Your data is hosted in Europe, in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure data centers and in compliance with GDPR. We have built our core banking platform to ensure that your personal data remains confidential and is not shared with third parties.

Encryption in transit and at rest

Encryption protects data from unauthorized use and can be implemented on data in transit or at rest. Memo Bank uses Transport Layer Security, or TLS, a widely adopted security protocol designed to facilitate privacy and data security for communications over the Internet. Data that sits on our severs is then protected by many layers of security.

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