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Take control of your online ads spending

Nothing is more frustrating than receiving an email from an advertising agency informing you that your online ads are no longer being displayed. The reason? The limit on your cards is too low compared to your advertising expenses. As a result, your ads are not displayed for several days, and the commercial performance of your campaign falls below your expectations.

Unleash full control over your advertising budget

The Memo Bank Visa Corporate cards have no limit. As long as your account balance or overdraft authorization allows it, you can make as many expenses as you wish.

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Define the limits

The absence of a predefined limit on your Memo Bank payment cards does not prevent you, if you wish, from setting a limit yourself. You can define a maximum spending amount on a card, per week or per month.

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Optimize working capital with deferred debiting

Choose between instant or deferred debit mode when using your Memo Bank cards.

With deferred debit, your advertising expenses are deducted on the first day of the following month. This is especially beneficial for advertising agencies purchasing ad space for clients or any company aiming to fine-tune their working capital management (WCR).

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Streamline advertising payments with virtual cards

Creating a virtual card from your Memo Bank account only takes seconds. Virtual cards are ideal for settling online advertising bills and other web-related expenses. And since our cards have no limits, you can create a single virtual card for all your advertising expenses and add this card to the websites of all your advertising agencies. Your expenses will never be blocked.

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