Photo of Memo Bank’s office in Paris. Two employees are working on a long table in a meeting room.

Our bank puts companies first

We aren’t a miniature version of a big bank. Rather than imposing the same old burdens of traditional banks on business owners, we decided to redefine modern business banking with a client-centered approach tailored to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). We offer streamlined current accounts and financing options, as well as expert advice from experienced and approachable bankers.

What we’re offering


A business account that works as flexibly as you do

Manage your account wherever you are: at the office, at home, anywhere in between. Do you want to give your accountant access? No problem. You decide who can log on and what each user is able to see and do.


Financing for your projects

Your company’s success doesn’t rely solely on your equipment. So why do most banks refuse to finance anything that isn’t bolted down? We can issue loans for both the tangible and intangible assets you need to turn your ideas into reality.



Bankers who listen

Your company is always thinking long term; your banker should, too. That is why our bankers don’t move on every six months. They get to know you better, so they can help you better. It may be a small difference, but it makes all the difference.


An entrepreneurial mindset

We understand entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs. We know that sometimes big banks can really put business owners through the paces; we’ve been put through them. The bank we wish we’d had by our side in our previous endeavors didn’t exist, so we built it to help today’s entrepreneurs go further faster.


The goal was not to create another bank, but another kind of bank, one committed to supporting SMEs as they grow and able to assist them in their digital transformation.

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Memo Bank becomes the first independent bank to be launched in France within the last 50 years

Press release June 23, 2020

Memo Bank has been authorized by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the French banking authorities (ACPR) to launch their banking services. The new bank, founded and financed by entrepreneurs with additional backing from institutional investors aims to support the growth and digital transformation of French and European small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Featured Press: TechCrunch

Bonjour Memo Bank

Article June 23, 2020

We are now a real bank and have a new name: Memo Bank. Starting this fall, we will be offering a limited number of early access accounts and plan on greatly increasing availability by the end of year.

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Building a bank

Article September 25, 2017

Why we decided to launch a new independent bank for SMEs and how we did it from scratch.

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