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Our purpose

Why we created Memo Bank

You and our founders, Jean-Daniel Guyot, and Michel Galibert, have a few things in common. First, you’ve both used our corporate banking services. econd, you’ve probably had the thought, “Why can’t banks just keep up with the tech giants?”

Despite all the tech advances, the commercial banking scene often feels stuck in the past. Everything’s moving ahead except this part Companies often turn to fintech solutions to work around traditional banks’ limitations. But guess what? This costs more and complicates operations because fintechs are like supplements to traditional banks, not replacements.

That’s where Memo Bank comes in. We’re not just another player in the financial game. That’s where Memo Bank comes in. We’re not just another player in the financial game. We’re a whole new way of doing business. We’re a bank that mixes innovation with dedicated relationship managers, offering unwavering support in the long run.

Memo Bank transforms your daily operations into an independent entity with a brand new core banking system and no old-school tech baggage. No need to juggle different services from different places. With Memo Bank, you get the best, seamlessly integrated into your banking experience, just as it should be.

Our Mission

We aim to simplify the lives of CFOs and accounting teams by providing them with autonomous, secure, and real-time cash flow and liquidity management.

We help companies cut costs, mitigate banking risks, and address cash flow mismatches.

Our goal is to make loans easier for companies.

What sets us apart

Who we are

We're an independent French bank, regulated by the ACPR.

Our dedicated relationship managers excel in serving companies with revenues ranging from 10 million to 100 million euros.

We prove that a bank can efficiently handle the transactional banking needs of companies with unmatched speed and reliability compared to traditional banks.

We demonstrate how an integrated banking approach can replace the need for multiple fintech solutions.

What makes us unique

We built our banking infrastructure from the ground up, allowing us to rapidly launch new products and features such as corporate cards, an expense management module, dematerialized KYC procedures, instant transfers at no extra cost, and a versatile banking API.

Like traditional banks, we prioritize data protection. However, we make it easy for you to access your data in real time, unlike other banks. 

We do not reserve our best offers exclusively for "large accounts" like CAC 40 or SBF 120, unlike traditional banks.

At Memo Bank, our subscription fees are fixed and do not include any transaction fees.

A Bank with key advantages

Secure technology to manage your data flows  

as confirmed by external security audits.

Reduced cash collection times

SEPA direct debit collection within 24 hours, instead of 10-day processing time with fintechs.

Bank charges

Fixed and no transaction fees.

Cash management banking API

The most robust banking API in the market, supported by comprehensive documentation.

Instant transfers

At no additional cost, with a market-leading limit of up to €100,000.

Tools to protect against fraud and errors

We offer real-time monitoring tools to protect against fraud and errors in all your transactions, including reasons for known direct debit rejections (R-transactions).

KYC procedures

Are dematerialized for enhanced speed.

Place your trust in us just like hundreds of other companies have done - because you deserve it.

A new chapter for the banking industry

By joining us, you’ll be helping to write our history, and that of the French banking market.

Ready to unlock your company's potential?

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