We aspire to be the bank of choice for SMEs

We believe that today’s SMEs have new kinds of needs that require a new kind of bank. So, we created one—specifically for them.

Image displaying a 3D web browser.

What we do

We help company leaders better understand where there are, so they can make better decisions about where they are going. Our approach is what makes the difference: we have developed intuitive tools and put them in the hands of experienced bankers.

For us, it’s not enough to give executives the information they need to manage their online accounts. We also want to free up their time and energy to focus on growing their company. We think that having great tools and great bankers will enable them not only to manage their day-to-day banking, but to save time and effort while doing it.

Why we do it

We are convinced that SMEs are crucial to a healthy economy, now more than ever. To help them reach their full potential, we are committed to supporting their growth and digital transformation. By SME, we mean those companies with between 10 to 250 employees and an annual turnover between €2 million and €50 million. By digital transformation, we mean all the improvements made possible by the Internet: more collaborative ways of working and more personalized interactions with customers.

Digitization isn’t limited to replacing paper with PDFs and faxes with emails; it can also change the way companies work by making different and better types of cooperation possible. The opportunities digital transformation present are new, so the bank we built to take them on needed to be new, too.

Who we are

Memo Bank is founded and funded by entrepreneurs. We are fortunate to have the support of Xavier Niel, Marc Simoncini, Jacques-Antoine Granjon, Thibaud Elzière, Rachel Delacour, Didier Le Menestrel, Antoine Martin, Alexandre Lebrun, and many others.

Two thirds of our team come from digital companies like Capitaine Train and Google while the other third comes from major banks like BNP and Société Générale. Our Supervisory Board includes notable banking professionals such as Ronan Le Moal, former CEO of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, and Gilles Denoyel, former deputy CEO of HSBC France.

Memo Bank is the bank we wish we’d had by our side in our previous endeavors: a bank that values entrepreneurs, that understands them and is equipped to help them.

Where we are headed

We are now officially a bank. The French banking authorities (ACPR) and European Central Bank (ECB) have given us their seal of approval. This means we’ll soon be allowed to welcome our first clients. We have been eagerly awaiting this green light (perhaps you have been too) and cannot wait to finally make our services available to you.

We will begin this fall by granting early access to select clients. We then plan to extend our offer to SMEs, starting with those with an annual turnover of at least €2 million in Île-de-France and the greater Lyon area.