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We understand that your time is precious. You can count on us to assist you in your capital increase, all along the way and in a rapid manner.

Your capital increase process made easy

A strong expertise to manage your capital increase

A strong expertise to manage your capital increase

Our teams have excelled in handling capital increases involving numerous subscribers (individuals or legal entities) and amounts exceeding several millions of euros.

Opening the escrow account

Opening the escrow account

As soon as you share with us the required documents, we will first open an escrow account to receive the funds of your capital increase. You have online access to this account, and you can start to engage with your investors.

A full control over banking operations

A full control over banking operations

Track the transfer of funds in real-time on the escrow account. You have full visibility of the capital increase process, and it is simple to send reminders or chasers to your investors.

A full control over banking operations
Your investors can be based anywhere

Your investors can be based anywhere

Whether your investors are located in France or overseas, they can transfer funds (in euros) through standard or instant SEPA transfers, or via SWIFT transfers.

The entire process is completed quickly

The entire process is completed quickly

Within 48 hours of receiving all the funds, we will issue a funds deposit digital certificate. Once the capital increase is confirmed from all parties, and administrative formalities are completed, we will transfer the funds to your current account.

Our banking expertise to help your business

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Access to experienced relationship managers

The end-to-end automation of a capital increase might not (yet) be possible. In this context, no doubt that the quality of the individuals helping you will have a massive impact. Even a tiny error can delay the entire operation. Our teams are experienced in handling complex (as well as simple) capital increases involving numerous investors based all across the world.

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Peace of mind when managing your banking needs

You probably want to quickly complete (and put behind you) your capital increase, so that you can focus on other strategic priorities. Memo Bank is your ideal banking partner for managing your capital increase and your entire banking needs. As a regulated and independent bank, we provide exceptional products and services for your transaction banking needs, as well as giving quick access to loans.

Liquidity optimisation

Liquidity optimisation

Once the funds are credited in your Memo Bank account, you've different ways to earn interest on your surplus cash. For instance, by either opening our interest-bearing current account, or instant-access savings account or term deposit account, the last of which allows partial or full withdrawals.

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    Online opening and management of the escrow account

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    Capital increase of any amounts

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    No constraints on the maximum number of subscribers

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    Standard or instant SEPA transfers, as well as Swift transfers in euros

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    Real-time funds transfer tracking

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    Funds deposit PDF certificate available within 48 hours

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