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Your company is only as strong as its teams

Between us. Are your banking partners meeting your expectations? Do they offer tools that enable your financial and accounting teams to manage your company’s cash flows and liquidity in real-time? Do these tools allow you to delegate tasks while mitigating financial risks?

As a manager, the weight of your responsibilities is significant. Instead of making your life easier, it’s likely that your banking tools are slowing you down and your teams’ performance. 46% of businesses* are ready to switch banks if they don’t improve their tools.

At Memo Bank, our clients aren’t considering a bank switch. Why? Because we’ve designed Memo Bank for senior executives like you in mind. Memo Bank transforms businesses’ daily operations with cutting-edge tools and dedicated relationship managers – a winning combination never seen before in traditional banks.

*CGI – Transaction banking survey 2022

Improved liquidity. Relentless accounting logic.

Your liquidity is optimised

Is your finance team managing your company’s expenses, cash flows, and liquidity on several – not necessarily modern – tools? Do these tools increase your costs and pressure on your business? Another alternative is possible. Memo Bank centralises the management of your company’s transactions: collection times are reduced to 48 hours, transaction fees are eliminated, your cash surplus is remunerated, and your transactions are executed and visible in real-time.

High-precision accounting

Accounting requires rigor and precision. Your accountants must precisely identify the origin and amount of your company’s financial flows. They must be able to easily access the payment receipts from your colleagues. They must perform meticulous bank reconciliations – and pay your employees and suppliers on time, without error. Because it combines precision, speed, and connectivity with your accounting tools, our solution will surpass the requirements of your accounting team.

More control. More delegation.

Total control over bank transfers

Through our platform, your accounting and finance teams can open and manage term deposits online, perform single or bulk transfers, generate and manage corporate cards, collect thousands of payments, and track and manage incoming and outgoing transactions, among other features. Our Premim bank API enables you to automate your transactions and rationalise costs and processes.

Easier delegation

At Memo Bank, you have full control over the tasks your employees can perform on your company’s bank accounts. Create access instantly, modify, or revoke permissions at any time.

Mobilised teams. An empowered company.

Simplified budget and expense management

Our solution delivers benefits to all teams within the company. Thanks to fully configurable nominative corporate cards, your marketing team can manage its budget autonomously and securely. Your operational team can provide you with precise reports on your company expenses. All your teams can automatically import their expense receipts.

Business loans

We support your company’s growth, with business loans to finance your tangible and intangible assets. Our working-capital loans help your business manage its everyday operations. We will release your funds within a few days of accepting your loan application.

An expandable current account

Enable your finance and accounting teams to segment your company’s banking operations by creating additional current accounts. Benefit from an aggregated view of all your accounts. Manage and access all your subsidiary accounts that are held with us.

A company thrives through its teams

Our solution is designed to meet the requirements of finance, accounting, and senior executive functions. Its benefits extend to all teams within the company.

Finance function

Memo Bank is a true partner, a bank that knows how to support us when we need it.

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