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Bank charges

Reduce your banking fees

Tired of the guesswork surrounding your bank fees? You're not alone. Traditional banks often employ complex, unpredictable fee models, making it nearly impossible to anticipate your expenses accurately. Memo Bank stands out from traditional banks and offers you fixed pricing that you know in advance.

Transition from volatile banking fees to a fixed subscription.

At Memo Bank, you know exactly what your bank will cost you — and you know it in advance. We have opted for a subscription-based pricing model: your subscription, tailored to your needs, entitles you to a certain number of services and transactions. If you wish to exceed this number, it is possible: each additional service or transaction is subject to clear and transparent pricing.

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Forget about transaction fees.

We do not charge any transaction fees. Our subscription plans are based on transaction volumes, not amounts, ensuring you pay the same fee regardless of the transfer or direct debit value.

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Tailored rates for high transaction volumes

For businesses with substantial transaction volumes, we’ve crafted a specialized offering and pricing structure. Enjoy commission-free transactions, tiered pricing based on transfer and direct debit frequencies, all while benefiting from our banking API integration.

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Harness instant transfers up to 100 000 euros at no extra cost

At Memo Bank, instant transfers are the default mode included with your subscription – and they come at no additional expense. In contrast, traditional banks often charge 4 to 5 times more for instant transfers compared to standard ones.

What’s more, our instant transfers can reach up to €100,000, marking the highest limit in the market.

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Your accounts earn interest.

At Memo Bank, your current accounts generate interest effortlessly, requiring no extra effort on your part. For those seeking even greater returns, we provide term deposit accounts with no early withdrawal penalties, allowing for partial withdrawals. All these options are available through our convenient online platform.

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speaks louder than words.

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