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Our mission : give finance teams full control and security over their banking operations and quick access to loans.

Finance Department of Serena
Finance Department of Serena

The only bank which combines modernity and excellence

Traditional banks rely on ageing technologies that no longer meet companies’ requirements in terms of speed, security, and autonomy. Fintechs, though stepping in, only partially bridge this gap. The combination of banking partners and fintechs is creating a new financial landscape that imposes constraints on your business:

  • pressure on your WCR;
  • multiple partners and tools;
  • administrative delays;
  • technical outbuildings;
  • lack of transparency in transaction processing;
  • cost increases and variability.

Choosing Memo Bank as your new banking partner will free you from these restrictions. You can manage your transactions and liquidity in full autonomy and quickly, and what’s more, it’s all centralized. 

And yes, it's recommended to work with several banks. But you always have a favourite.

Delivering value for your business

Earn interest on your deposits up to €50m

No transaction fees, no variable charges

Save up to 30 days on your WCR with deferred debit corporate cards

Segment and ring-fence your liquidity with our current accounts and client accounts

24 hours to collect your invoices

10 seconds to send your transfers

More than 90 currencies

Your operations are managed in real-time

Automate your transactions using our premium bank API

Automated creation and management of corporate cards

Virtual IBAN to protect and segment your financial transactions   

Over 100 integrated tools

European interbank protocol (EBICS), open banking or premium banking API


Medium or long-term loans

A young bank and yet a strong reputation

Memo Bank, is:

  • The first independent bank in France in over 50 years.

  • A modern banking infrastructure is designed to answer your current and future needs quickly.

  • A bank, with dedicated relationship managers, that provide exceptional service to businesses whether they make €10 million or €100 million of annual revenues.

Hundreds of companies already convinced

International awards

Connected at the core of payment systems

Our climate strategy

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Who said that you cannot enjoy an outstanding experience from your bank?  

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