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Optimise your expense management model

Tired of drowning in paperwork, endless accounting reconciliations, and the hassle of tracking budgets? Bid farewell to the chaos of sharing card numbers. With our integrated expense management module, you can effortlessly create both physical cards or virtual cards, configure them with a few clicks, and monitor real-time expenses made using these cards (compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay).

Empower every employee with a card

With Memo Bank’s business expense management, your entire company saves time. In a matter of seconds, create a physical or virtual card, assign it to a collaborator, and set a budget. No more sharing card numbers.

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Real-time expense oversight

Delegate business expense management to your divisions and supercharge expense monitoring. Within your Memo Bank account, a simple click on a division’s bank card reveals a consolidated, real-time overview of all expenses incurred. Effortlessly search for expenses using the search bar and review transactions as far back as you need.

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Simplify the work of your accountants

Your accountants no longer need to reconcile information scattered across different places: all data is centralized on the Memo Bank account. And to save time for your accountants, your collaborators who have forgotten to add their receipts receive automatic reminder emails.

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Customize your bank cards

Memo Bank’s card limits are incredibly flexible. Whether you prefer limits or no limits, set weekly or monthly spending caps and adjust them at your convenience.

You can even specify merchant categories where your employees can use their cards – be it restaurants, petrol stations, hotels, or more. Tailor card usage by selecting the days they’re active, allowing you to block weekend spending, for instance. Configure these options for each card and modify them anytime.

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Add your receipts from your mobile application

Capture credit card receipts directly from your Memo Bank mobile app or your computer in your Memo Bank account. Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems read your receipts and automatically add their information, such as the applied VAT rate.

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