Use Google Pay
in your favourite shops

Experience the ease and security of using your Memo Bank cards with Google Pay for both in-store and online purchases. Transactions made with Google Pay are simpler and more secure than those made with traditional cards.

A novel approach to card payments

Streamlined in-store payments

With Google Pay, your Android smartphone is all you need to make payments at any store or restaurant accepting contactless payments — even without an internet connection. And since Google Pay also supports virtual cards, there’s no need to issue physical cards for your team members to use their Memo Bank card in stores — they can simply add their virtual card to their smartphone.

Quicker online payments

Just save your bank card once in Google  Wallet, and enjoy one-tap online payments. Google  Pay recognizes you, so there’s no need to enter your card number and postal address when making online purchases on your smartphone: everything is pre-registered. 

More secure payments

Paying with Google  Pay is more secure than using traditional cards. Google  Pay doesn’t share your card details with the merchant, but rather a tokenized version of your number. Moreover, your purchases are secured with modern, tamper-proof authentication methods, like your fingerprint or face. 

Adding your Memo  Bank cards to Google Pay Is quick and easy

Add your physical or virtual Memo  Bank cards to Google  Pay in just a few seconds. Open the Google  Wallet app, tap “Add to Wallet,” then “New credit or debit card.”

You can also add your cards to Google  Pay directly from your Memo  Bank mobile app.

speaks louder than words.

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