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Memo Bank transforms the day-to-day operations of finance departments with state-of-the-art banking technology and dedicated Relationship managers. Find out what our solutions can do for you:

Cash and liquidity management
Transactions managed in real-time
Business expenses under control
End-to-end process automation
Borrowing options

CFO, CAO, CEO: Join Memo Bank.

The only bank that removes the restrictions imposed by your current banking partners.

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Sorry, we can only offer our services to companies registered with a French Business Identification Number (SIREN).

Sorry, we currently don’t offer our services to this legal form.

Sorry, we currently don’t offer our services to foreign companies.

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Wandercraft accelerates the development of its exoskeletons thanks to Memo Bank’s loans.


Co-founder of Wandercraft

Hundreds of companies trust us. Why don’t you?

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One of the features we appreciate is Memo Bank’s integrated offer, where you don’t have to choose one feature over the other.

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Charlotte Gounot


Charlotte Gounot,

Memo Bank has a much more advanced technology than most traditional banks.

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Éric Bazin


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Within a few weeks of starting the discussion, the funds were released, and we were able to get back to work.

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