Easy to understand, hard to beat.

You have better things to do than to pore over the fine print of a bank’s pricing guide. That is why we have straight-forward plans. No hidden charges. No unpleasant surprises.

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Everything small teams need to get started.


Our most expansive and flexible offer.

Price€49per month€399per month
CommitmentMonth-to-monthRequest accessMonth-to-monthRequest access

1 user


Additional users



Current accounts



Additional current accounts



Virtual IBANs



Euro-denominated wire transfers or direct debits



Additional transactions



Interest-bearing deposits


0.25% per year
up to €500,000

Overdraft facility




EBICS connection

Available soon

Available soon

Key Features

30-day free trial
French IBAN
Single and Batch Transfers (XML)
Setup and Management of B2B Direct Debits
Tags to organize operations
Unlimited storage of operations, supporting documents and bank statements
Unlimited transaction exports in CSV
Wire transfer approval by a group administrator
Capital deposit and increase


30-day free trial

Once you've signed your account agreement, you can try out your account at no charge for the first 30 days. This offer applies to all subscription plans. You will only be billed from the 31st day provided you have not closed your account (in which case you will not be billed at all). It's that simple: the first 30 days are on us.

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Required documents

In order to open a Memo Bank current account, you will be asked to submit several documents. This process is managed quickly and securely directly through our website. There is nothing to print or mail.

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Additional fees

The following fees are not included in our monthly plans and will be billed separately:
- intervention fees (e.g. for a rejected wire transfer);
- overdraft fees.

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Change plans

Our Basic and Plus plans are fully flexible, so you can change whenever you want, even in the middle of the month. Our Unlimited plan requires a thirty-day commitment, but beyond that, you can easily change to the Basic or Plus plan. If you decide to change plans in the middle of the month, your bill will be prorated. You'll never be charged for two plans at the same time.

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Closing your account

You may close your account at any time, and there are no fees for doing so. While closing an account is never as exciting for us as opening one, our streamlined and professionnel approach remains the same.

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Current account

No volume fees
From €49/month

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Mid to long-term credit
A reply within seven days

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