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Klox reduces cash flow delays linked to ad spend

Xavier du Parc, the CFO of Klox, explains how he reduced Klox’s working capital requirement (WCR) using Memo Bank’s deferred debit cards.

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The only solution we found was Memo Bank.

Xavier du Parc

Head of Finance


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Klox is an online marketing agency specializing in programmatic marketing.

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Icone Employés 40 employees (2023)
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Xavier du Parc

Xavier du Parc

Head of Finance

Klox is a marketing agency and a technology company

Klox is an online marketing agency that uses technology to optimize its clients’ advertising campaigns. Klox manages its clients’ communication projects from end to end: from conceptualizing communication strategies to executing campaigns and disseminating them on social networks and search engines.

Founded in 2017, Klox is experiencing rapid growth and currently employs 40 people. The agency particularly serves clients in the entertainment industry (sports, cinema, music, video games, etc.), as well as those in the restaurant, insurance, and education sectors.

The trading of advertising spaces significantly impacts Klox's working capital requirement (WCR)

Klox specializes in the “programmatic” distribution of its clients’ advertising campaigns. The Klox team programs tools that automatically place bids with advertising networks of search engines and social media platforms. The goal is to acquire advertising spaces that will have the most impact on the targeted audience at the best price.

Programmatic marketing agencies typically advance the costs of purchasing advertising spaces and then bill their clients. This model heavily impacts the working capital requirement (WCR) of agencies: they purchase large volumes of advertising space on credit cards, which are not reimbursed until 30 to 60 days later, depending on the payment terms they have granted to advertisers.

To reduce Klox’s WCR, Xavier du Parc, the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer (CFO) of Klox, employed several strategies. He initially worked with factoring companies to whom Klox would sell a portion of its client receivables. He also negotiated longer payment terms with his suppliers and shortened the payment terms granted to his clients.

However, these measures were not enough: Klox needed to generate more cash flow to finance its rapid growth. Xavier then came up with the idea of using deferred debit cards.

Initially, Xavier turned to traditional banks, but the solutions offered did not meet his needs. He needed the ability to use virtual cards, to create and configure his cards autonomously, and the creation times for the cards were too long. Klox promises its clients that they can launch their campaigns within 24 hours, which sometimes requires the rapid creation of new cards. This was impossible with traditional banks.


Xavier du Parc, the CFO of Klox.

Klox can delay its payments for advertising space purchases by up to 30 days thanks to Memo Bank's deferred debit cards

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Thanks to Memo Bank, we have been able to distribute more cards and give more autonomy to our traders.

Xavier du Parc

Head of Finance

Portrait de Xavier du Parc de chez Klox

Xavier du Parc found that there is only one institution in France that offers both deferred debit cards and modern, flexible management of expenses by bank card: Memo Bank.

Deferred debit

The Visa Corporate deferred debit cards from Memo Bank allow Klox to make purchases that are only debited on the first day of the following month. Klox thereby gains up to 30 days leeway on the payments for its advertising space purchases.

Integrated expense management module

Memo Bank equips its bank cards with an expense management platform that has enabled Xavier du Parc to rethink Klox’s spending policy and give more autonomy to his team members.

From his Memo Bank workspace, the CFO of Klox can create a virtual card and assign it to employees in just a few clicks. The traders no longer need to share a physical bank card designated for purchasing advertising spaces. Now, each has their own virtual card and access to the Memo Bank space, where they can copy the card number and view their transactions Meanwhile, Xavier du Parc can monitor all expenses in real time. A search engine allows for easy retrieval of transactions (with unlimited history), which can be filtered based on specific criteria.


The creation of virtual or physical cards is immediate at Memo Bank.

Xavier du Parc has transferred all of Klox's advertising space trading activities to Memo Bank

Today, Xavier du Parc is very satisfied with Memo Bank: all online advertising space purchases are now made with Memo Bank cards. In addition to significantly reducing Klox’s working capital requirement (WCR), using Memo Bank has simplified all processes related to expense management via card.

By using Memo Bank, Xavier du Parc also discovered other useful features for Klox: an interest-bearing current account from the first euro, instant transfers by default at no extra cost, the ability to open term accounts online, and more. The CFO of Klox also appreciates having a dedicated advisor whom he can call directly and meet with for an appointment whenever he wishes.

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