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SPRiNG optimises its working capital and its cash returns

Discover how SPRiNG, an e-commerce platform specializing in eco-designed laundry and cleaning products, stabilises its cash flow and simplifies financial management with Memo Bank.

SPRiNG optimises its working capital and its cash returns
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Memo Bank stands out for its ability to quickly find effective solutions to our needs.

Philippe Cantet



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SPRiNG is an e-commerce platform specializing in eco-designed laundry and cleaning products.

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Philippe Cantet

Philippe Cantet


SPRiNG’s challenges

  • Pressure on working capital requirements (WCR)
  • Limited financial team

Memo Bank’s solution

  • Achieved a 30-day improvement in WCR through the use of deferred debit cards for employee expenses and software purchases
  • Enhanced cash reserves on flexible term deposit accounts
  • Partnership with a bank committed to environmental sustainability

SPRiNG Reduces the Environmental Impact of the Laundry and Cleaning Industry

SPRING, launched in 2020, is an e-commerce platform dedicated to eco-designed laundry and cleaning products. Its ambition is to bring positive change in the industry with products that are better for health, the planet, and are modern by design.

Although primarily operating on a subscription model, SPRING’s products are also sold in major retail chains like Monoprix and Carrefour. With over 100,000 customers and generating millions in revenue, SPRING primarily operates in France and handles significant sales volumes: by the end of 2023, it had reached the milestone of 50 million washes (laundry capsules, dishwasher tablets, fabric softener doses, etc.).

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Challenges for SPRiNG: working capital pressure and time management

Cash Flow Tension:

  • Supplier payments often due upon delivery.
  • Immediate debit cards.

Limited Human Resources:

  • Financial team too small to manage daily banking operations.

Philippe Cantet, co-founder of SPRiNG, oversees operations, finance, and investor relations. With his time being valuable, he sought a bank that could enhance his cash management and handle his financial flows efficiently.

Results: stabilisation of SPRiNG’s cash flow and streamlined managements of flows

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With minimal effort, we easily optimise our cash.

Philippe Cantet



Improvement of Working Capital Requirements

SPRING now recovers cash flow more readily with easy access to Memo Bank’s deferred debit cards These cards offer a 30-day cash advance and have higher limits than those of traditional banks to cover all expenses.

From theuser experience perspective, Philippe Cantet finds it “extremely simple, thanks to a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform that allows us to issue cards to our employees with various permissions and monitor our flows in real time.

Cash optimisation

SPRiNG has chosen to place its cash surpluses in term accounts and then in the Booster account for their ease of use and the interest they generate.Memo Bank offered the smoothest experience for preserving and growing our treasury, including deferred debit and term accounts. We gain in both cash and interest, all with a clearly integrated offering.” Philippe Cantet notes, before adding: “Just the cash not placed in our current account earns more interest than the banking fees. Adding to that the month of cash flow recovered from payment cards… makes Memo Bank a very appealing banking partner.”

Quality of the support

The quality of support is a key factor for Philippe Cantet, from the pre-sales phase through to account opening and beyond. The continuous innovation dynamic, customer listening, and product development also stand out, according to Philippe Cantet. Finally, he values collaborating with a bank that is actively committed to environmental causes through tangible actions.

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