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Smart Tribune has found a banking partner for long-term growth

In search of a more modern banking partner capable of supporting its growth, the company chose Memo Bank. Meeting with Jérémy Gallemard, co-founder and president of Smart Tribune.

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We needed a financial partner who understands our challenges and needs, and that's what we found at Memo Bank.

Jérémy Gallemard

Cofounder and CEO


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Smart Tribune supports the customer service departments of major brands. The company designs dynamic Q&A solutions that allow customers of these major brands to easily find answers to their questions on websites, without needing to contact customer service.

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Jérémy Gallemard

Jérémy Gallemard

Cofounder and CEO

A single goal: to make customers independent

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We offer our clients an average contact rate reduction of 30%.

Jérémy Gallemard

Cofounder and CEO

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In 2015, Jérémy, Christopher, and Samy founded Smart Tribune and set themselves the challenge of customer satisfaction. The proliferation of channels and technologies has opened new possibilities for establishing and maintaining relationships between customers and brands. However, customer satisfaction and responsiveness do not always meet client expectations. Smart Tribune is diving into consulting and developing conversational solutions, knowledge bases, and dynamic Q&As to enhance the customer experience. The goal is to facilitate access to information at each step of the user journey on websites to prevent customer service congestion and improve online conversions and sales.

The company now has 35 employees and 200 major clients both in France and internationally.

A banking partner to support its growth

Smart Tribune has grown on its own funds and experiences sustained revenue growth of 40 to 50% each year. There are numerous projects: international development, research and development, launching new channels, etc. Jérémy was looking for a new banking partner, one that was more modern and could save him time in managing his current cash flows and also support him with future challenges. He chose Memo Bank, a bank for SMEs, which combines advice, financing, and ergonomic interfaces.

What Memo Bank brings to Smart Tribune

An ergonomic interface for a time savings of 20%

The interfaces of Memo Bank are designed to give teams more autonomy in managing routine operations. “I no longer need to manually enter all the beneficiaries and transfer orders, nor wait for a validation delay,” explains Jérémy. The office manager has control over the company’s accounts and can add beneficiaries and prepare upcoming transfers in just a few clicks. Jérémy receives a notification and approves them in seconds. A smooth process: “On my phone, I have facial recognition; in a few seconds, I can have a very secure connection to my bank accounts. I don’t need a separate security device,” adds Jérémy. Overall, he estimates a 20% time savings on accounting tasks.

A clear and non-binding subscription

Traditional banks typically charge fixed fees as well as fees on outgoing transactions. “We were experiencing sustained growth, and outgoing transaction fees was growing quickly, and the amounts were complex to anticipate. With Memo Bank, I know exactly what I will be paying at the end of each month,” explains Jérémy. Indeed, the pricing model is different: a subscription is charged monthly with services and a number of operations included. This model is more advantageous for Smart Tribune, which is channeling more flows to its new bank each month.

Memo Bank as the main banking partner

Most SMEs work with multiple banking partners, a practice considered a security measure and good management to capitalize on the complementary services of each. Smart Tribune currently has three banking partners and has gradually migrated its banking flows, starting with new clients and suppliers, then direct debits, and finally other operations. Jérémy aims to make Memo Bank their primary bank due to its favorable pricing and the ease of using online accounts.

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