Push your payment limits with our Visa Corporate card

Memo Bank’s cards are everything you’ve ever expected from a smart corporate card, with all the guarantees offered by a real bank. Assign a physical or a virtual card to your coworkers. Push your payment limits as high as you want. And switch from deferred debit to instant debit in just seconds.

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Corporate cards to spend without limits

The only limits to Memo Bank cards are the ones you choose to set. As long as the balance of your account or your overdraft enables it, you can make as many payments as you want.

Deferred debit monitoring interface

No limits other than your own

There are no set payment limits. Choose how much each person can spend (per month or per week) with a Memo Bank card.

Buy now. Pay Later. Keep cool.

Thanks to deferred debit, your purchases don’t get debited from your account until the first day of the following month. Heavy card user? No problem. Your deferred debit spending can go up to €50,000 per month (in total).

Instant debit to pay as you spend

You’d rather have purchases debited from your account as soon as you pay for them ? Activate the "instant debit" option in the settings of the card. And deactivate the option whenever you feel like it.

The best of both worlds

No more juggling between deferred debit cards and instant debit cards. Memo Bank cards have both options. Move forward with your purchases without spending a dime in advance thanks to deferred debit. And keep on using your card when the deferred debit amount has been reached thanks to direct debit.

“À la carte” cards

Assign a corporate card to your coworkers, without working you out. All your employees can use Memo Bank’s corporate cards—from your head of marketing to your VP of Sales. And all your Memo Bank current accounts can be linked to your Memo Bank cards.

Image showcasing the creating of a new virtual payment card.

Your cards. Your workspace. One website.

There’s no need for you to log in to a separate website to track your spending. Your card purchases are automatically linked to your Memo Bank workspace. All in one place.

A corporate card for each employee

No need to borrow your boss’s corporate card anymore. With Memo Bank, all of your employees can have their own corporate card, with a tailored spending limit (one per card). You can even go as far as personalizing each corporate card internally with a custom name.

A current account for each corporate card

Each Memo Bank card can be linked to a Memo Bank current account—any account. Your head of marketing’s card can be linked to your marketing team’s current account. No need to link all your corporate cards to your main current account.

An invoice for each card purchase

With Memo Bank’s cards, all your card purchases automatically show up on your Memo Bank workspace the minute they’ve been made. Your coworkers don’t need to wait a few days before being able to add an invoice to the details of their transaction—they can do it right away. And those who forget to do so will receive a friendly reminder (via e-mail) a few days later.

All the cards you need

Image showing the Memo Bank payment card management interface.

Unified budget

Stay on top of your spendings. Set a monthly cap for all your card spendings. You change your mind ? Just change the spending limit whenever you want.

Blacklisted transactions

You want to make sure the card is only used during weekdays ? You don’t want employees to withdraw cash ? You’re in charge of setting the boundaries for your employees. You can even choose the type of retailers your employees have access to.

A 360 vision

Follow all the expenses made by all the cards, from all of your employees on the same tab. You can also give access to this tab, if you need.

Two types of cards. Three ways to pay.

Image showcasing our black Visa corporate payment card.

Physical cards

Make purchases everywhere using Memo Bank’s physical corporate cards. Just order a few of them and we’ll mail them to you. Once you've received your physical cards, activate them using your Memo Bank workspace—no trip to the bank counter required.

Image showcasing the creation of a new virtual payment card on the mobile version of our website.

Virtual cards

Use Memo Bank’s virtual cards to shop online. Create a new virtual card in a few simple steps and copy your card’s number in a single click—no Post-it required. Goodbye lengthy virtual cards creation processes. Hello speed and simplicity.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Add your physical and virtual cards to Apple Pay or Google Pay and pay with your phone in stores or online. Think of Apple Pay and Google Pay as a way to use your Memo Bank cards, even if you've left your physical card at the office, or even if you don't have any physical card at all — Apple Pay and Google Pay work with virtual cards too.

Easy to use. Hard to hack.

Image showcasing the ability to block a given payment card.

When in doubt, just freeze your card.

Lost your card? Just block it on your Memo Bank workspace. Just found your lost card? Unblock it in a single click. Your card has been stolen? Sorry about that. Destroy it completely and order a new one easily.

Two-steps validation at every step of the way

You’ll receive confirmation requests right on your mobile every time you’re creating or editing a Memo Bank card. If you change the parameters of one of your corporate cards, you’ll be asked for confirmation first.

Protected by 3-D Secure

With Visa’s 3-D Secure purchase protection system, you’ll receive a notification on your mobile when shopping on 3-D Secure affiliated websites.

Visa insurance inside

With Visa's insurance, you're covered when traveling for work. Both Visa's insurance and Visa's assistance are included in your cards, at no extra cost.

Check the impact of your purchases

Learn about the carbon footprint of your spending

Every time you use your Memo Bank card, we try to compute the amount of greenhouse gasses emissions caused by your purchase. You can then use this carbon data to pick greener suppliers or less emitting products.

→ See our methodology on GitHub

Download and export your environmental data

You’re already using a third party tool to track the carbon footprint of your company? No worries. Just download the details of your Memo Bank card payments and use the data supplied in the carbon footprint column.

Make purchases around the world. Around the clock.

In the Eurozone and beyond

Memo Bank’s cards are accepted both inside and outside the Eurozone. Need to make a purchase in British Pounds? That works. In Japanese Yens? Works too.

With Visa’s exchange rates

On a business trip? Just make purchases and withdraw money from an ATM using your corporate card. With Visa’s exchange rates, all the purchases you make abroad get converted to Euros instantly.