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Term sheets are exciting, capital increase operations are not. Why? Because capital increase operations are time consuming. Bankers and lawyers tend to create a lot of critical-but-not-so-exciting admin work. Couldn't capital increase work like the rest of the Internet and become both fast and easy?

Although there's no way to automate a capital increase operation yet, the people you partner with can make a difference. Since a little mistake along the way can have large consequences down the road for your capital increase, you want to surround yourself with experienced partners that are both smart and reliable. 

At Memo Bank, we know that your time is your more precious asset. We won't make you wait for weeks before sending you the IBAN of the current account linked to your capital increase. We're used to partnering with companies which raise VC funding and we know that speed is not an option for them when it comes to execution.

How it works


Open a Memo Bank account

To benefit from your capital increase service, you'll need a Memo Bank account.


Send the right documents

We'll need your notice of capital increase, as well as details about each and every subscriber you're partnering with. There's no restriction on the number of investors who can chip in.


Use your dedicated IBAN

We'll send you the IBAN of your dedicated capital increase account. Just forward it to your investors so they can wire the funds to your capital increase account—we accept SEPA and SWIFT transfers in euros.


Get your deposit certificate

Once we've received all your funding, we'll send you a digital capital increase certificate (a PDF) within 48 hours.


Approve your capital increase

Send us a signed copy of the legal document proving that you've just performed a capital increase, as well as your new cap table.


Receive your funding

We transfer the money from your capital increase account to your Memo Bank account. And you're done.

As simple as an online bank. As reliable as a good old one.

With Memo Bank, you don't have to chose between a great website and a great banker. You get access to both.

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