Our bankers are different

Memo Bank isn’t a bank without any banker. We have a team of dedicated bankers you can rely on.

Your own banker

With Memo Bank, you get teamed up with your own banker, someone who calls you by your name. Because you’re more than a random number on a folder.

What your banker does for you


Your banker understands you

Our bankers have previously worked at large banks, such as BNP, Société Générale, or LCL. They joined Memo Bank to spend more time with entrepreneurs like you and less time doing paperwork at the office. They can help answer your banking and business questions.


Your banker knows you

Tired of starting from square one with a stranger every time you call your bank? Your Memo Bank banker is dedicated to you and your unique business needs, which means they get to know the ins and outs of your banking and company history.


Your banker helps you

If you have financing or revenue allocation questions, don’t rely on Google and Internet forums—ask your banker instead. Your banker is here to answer your questions. And since we want to make interacting with your bank a little less confusing, we’ll spare you the banking lingo.


Your banker meets you

Stop waiting in line at the bank. If you need to talk to your banker, check their calendar online and schedule a call with them. And when you need an in-person banking meeting, just ask your dedicated banker to come to your office. They’ll wear a mask. Don’t worry.

A different kind of bank

Our bankers are different because our bank is different.

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