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API Memo Bank

Automate your banking operations

Programmatically create direct debit collections to collect payments. Send SEPA transferts on the fly, including instant or batch transfers. Create virtual IBAN instantly and fetch the list of your transactions using a single command. Welcome to the programable bank.

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Less clicks. More requests.

Most of the things you do on your Memo Bank workspace can also be done programmatically using our API. Think of it as a way to connect our banking services to your system and workflows.

Simple API. Powerful API. Pick two.

Fast and simple integration

You only need to integrate one API to connect to all our products. That’s it. No need to run an integration marathon. No legacy docs to deal with either. No overlap. We built the API we wished we had access to when we were working with banks.

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No duplicate requests

You’ll never make a duplicate transfert ever again. Memo Bank’s API handles idempotent requests, which means that if one of your requests doesn’t get through, you can make the same request one more time without having the same transaction sent two times in a row.

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Webhooks included

You need to receive a notification every time a new transfert lands on your Memo Bank account? You can now using our API’s webhooks. You’ll receive an HTTPS request every time a peculiar event occurs on your Memo Bank workspace.

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Token-based authentication

To make your requests more secure, we use tokens that rely on a certificate you’re the only one to own. We also use a cryptographic key you’re the only one to possess. And we apply IP-based restrictions so that the only devices able to connect to our API are the devices you register.

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Read the docs

To learn more about our API and see what you could build with it, check out our technical documentation. It includes code examples, version history, and a dark mode.

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