Marc Simoncini, co-founder of Angell
Marc Simoncini, co-founder of Angell
Co-founders The Beans on Fire
Co-founders The Beans on Fire

A new bank for the next generation of high-growth companies

It’s a new dawn with Memo Bank.

Unfettered by tools and processes designed in and for a bygone era, Memo Bank adapts seamlessly to the needs of today's business people. A fully-fledged, bona fide bank that helps companies obtain financing and manage their cash flow.

Collaborative current account
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A collaborative online workspace for your company. Customizable access for individuals.


Accessible anytime from any device.


Financing for your projects. All of them.


Bankers who are with you for the long haul, not a short stint.

Shapes illustrating another kind of bank and bankers

Forcing nothing. Changing everything.

A new way of banking

The kind of bank we wanted simply didn’t exist; so, we decided to build it. And we didn’t do it alone. We have received support from forty entrepreneurs, including Xavier Niel, Didier Le Ménestrel and Marc Simoncini. Memo Bank is a business bank created and backed by business people.

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A new breed of banker

Our bankers aren’t like other bankers. They are like you. They speak your language and live in your world. Think of them as a partner who understands and protects your interests.

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We are a bank. A fully-fledged, bona fide bank.

Memo Bank is fully-licensed by the European (ECB) and French (ACPR) banking authorities

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