Send and receive money worldwide. With only one bank account.

Work with clients and suppliers in the whole world. Send money in 87 currencies, including the euro. Receive funds from 29 currencies, still including the euro.

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SEPA transfers in euros

Send and receive euros in 36 countries

Pay and get paid in euros across the 36 countries of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), including Switzerland, Monaco, and the United Kingdom. Thanks to the SEPA, you can transfer euros from France to another European country for the cost of a transfer from France to France.

Wire funds in less than 10 seconds

All your SEPA transfers can be sent either in a standard way or an instant way—without additional cost. With SEPA instant transfers, your funds get wired in just a few seconds, while standard transfers usually arrive within 1 or 2 business days.

Send up to 5,000 transfers at once

Grouped transfers allow you to bundle several transfers in a single, grouped one—this comes in handy when you need to pay your employees. To create a grouped transfer, import an Excel or XML file containing your transfer orders, and let Memo Bank do the rest.

SWIFT transfers

Send and receive money internationally

With your Memo Bank account, you can send money in 87 currencies, including the euro. You can also receive money in 29 currencies, still including the euro. Work with business partners who prefer the dollar (USD), the Swiss franc (CHF), or the pound sterling (GBP).

Send and receive euros to the SEPA and beyond

Thanks to the SWIFT network, you can send and receive euros beyond the SEPA. This means you can do business in euros with partners located outside of Europe.

An exchange rate that makes sense. What a change.

Enjoy competitive exchange rates

Memo Bank accounts are euro accounts. When you transfer dollars to New York, we convert your euros into dollars. And when you receive pound sterlings from London, we convert your pound sterlings into euros. In order to provide you with a competitive exchange rate, we work with the leading international bank: JP Morgan.

No hidden exchange fees

With Memo Bank, you know exactly how much your international payments cost you. Our margin depends on the amount of your transfer and the currency used—and it goes from 0.75 to 1.20%. We add transfer fees on top of that, the amount of which depends on your Memo Bank plan—5 or 10€ per transfer depending on your plan.

Forget about currency fluctuations

An international wire transfer may take several hours to be processed. During this time, the exchange rate may vary, as well as the amount (in euros) that will be debited from your bank account. To protect you, we cancel your transfer if its amount increases more than 10 % between the time you initiated it and the time we finish processing it.

Interface showing an ongoing grouped beneficiaries import using a CSV file.

Make faster payments

Batch import your beneficiaries

When you open a current account in a new bank, your beneficiaries aren't automatically transferred from your former bank to your new one. That's a pity, but that's the way it is. To make the switch to Memo Bank as easy as possible, you can batch import all your beneficiaries at once, using an Excel or CSV file containing them all.

No need to wait 48 hours before a transfer

Your Memo Bank current account is designed to make your business faster, not to slow you down. With Memo Bank, there's no need for you to wait 48 hours before wiring funds to a new beneficiary that you've just added. Just add your new beneficiary on your Memo Bank workspace and make you transfer right away.

Current account

No volume fees

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