Collect payments from your clients using direct debits

Pull payments directly from your client’s bank account. Get paid when you decide to be. Stop waiting for 10 days to collect your money.

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How it works

The interface allowing users to import SEPA mandates.

Add or import your mandates

Manually fill the details of your client’s mandate (core or B2B), or just import a file containing all the mandates you need to collect payments from. If your file contains unknown mandates, we’ll add them to your account. And if your date contains a few errors or typos, we’ll highlight them so you can fix them.

Direct debit creation interface

Add or import your direct debit payments

Schedule your payments by manually creating your direct debit collections, one by one, or by importing a file that contains details about the batch of direct debit payments you’d like to perform. Just pick an execution date for your direct debit payment, or your batch of payments, and we’ll take it from there.

Interface listing direct debits payments that just took place.

Use the money you collected

Once your direct debit payments are scheduled, we collect your payment from your customer’s accounts. You will receive them 24 hours later and can use the money straight away. Also, there’s no need for you to move your payments from your direct debit payment tool to your bank, since your bank actually is your direct debit tool.

A payment collection method that just works

Drapo employees use Memo Bank's services to help companies improve their environmental footprint.
Drapo employees use Memo Bank's services to help companies improve their environmental footprint.

Reduce your payment collection fees

Say goodbye to variable payment collection fees. With Memo Bank, the price you pay for using direct debit, allows you to perform a certain amount of direct debits. Also, we do not charge any variable fee on your direct debit payments, so there won’t be any difference between what you collect and what you get. And the funds you collect are available within 24hours, right on your Memo Bank account—no bank transfer required.

Increase the success rate of your payments

Payments made using payment cards are sensitive: they can fail for lots of technical reasons, leaving your account empty and your client crazy. With direct debit payments, you get direct access to your customer’s bank account. That’s less intermediary for you, and less hassle for your client.

Automate your direct debit payments

Need to add several client mandates to your bank account in a single batch? Just import a file (CSV or XLSX) that contains all your mandates. No typing required. And the same goes for your direct debit payments: to schedule a batch of direct debits, just import a payment collection file to your Memo Bank account.

Make your collections programable

With Memo Bank's API, automate your payement collections. Scale your banking operations and trigger collections directly from your internal tool using our custom automation API. No clicks required.

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