A non-dilutive business loan for VC-funded startups

Add a business loan to your latest funding round.

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Eliott Jabès, Stockly co-founder
Eliott Jabès, Stockly co-founder

A business loan on top of your VC round

We offer loans to VC-funded companies that have raised at least 4 millions euros over the last 6 months—or are about to.

Match up to 25% of your latest VC round

Our loans can match up to 25% of your latest funding round, and go up to 3 millions euros, with repayment period of 3 to 4 years.

Designed for fast growing companies

We focus on fast growing companies that show signs of growth—either through their balance sheet, their number or customers, or their recurring revenues…

Tailored offer. Standard pricing.

Competitive rates

Since we're a real bank, we offer bank rates. The actual rate you're going to get will be influenced by market conditions as well as the duration of your loan.

Reasonable guarantees

We won't ask for a never-ending list of banking guarantees. We stick to the basics, like public guarantees or pledge over cash.

Co-financing accepted

We're open to partners. We're used to co-financing clients with the help of other lenders, like Bpifrance (a public lender) or other banks (private lenders).

From “Hi” to “Yes” in four easy steps


Your first meeting

Everything starts when you get in touch with us. If we think we can be helpful to your company, our bankers will reach out to you.


Your application

You file a loan application. We review it and use it to compute a rate and a list of guarantees tailored to your needs.


Your workspace

You use your Memo Bank workspace to track the advancement of your application. Everything happens online. No stamp required.


Our answer

If we follow through on your application, we'll send you a contract that you can sign online—again, no stamp required. Funds will be provided in the next 48 hours.