Apple Pay

Use Apple Pay in your favourite stores

Use your Memo Bank card everywhere with Apple Pay—the easy, safe and private way to pay.

Easy to set up

Adding a physical or virtual Memo Bank card to Apple Pay is easy. Grab your iPhone, open the Apple Wallet app and touch the “+” sign. Then pay using Apple Pay in stores, in apps or online.

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Card payment. Reinvented.

Easy to use at checkout

Apple Pay is accepted where contactless payments are accepted. Since Apple Pay works with virtual payment cards too, your team members can make purchases in stores even if they don’t own a physical Memo Bank card. All they need is an iPhone or Apple Watch—with or without cellular connectivity.

Speed your online payments up

Use Apple Pay to pay on the web (using Safari) or in mobile applications that accept Apple Pay. Since Apple Pay is tied to your Apple ID, you don’t have to fill long forms when you check out online—your card information and shipping address are pre-filled for you. Say hello to fast and easy checkouts.

More secure than a payment card

Apple Pay is more secure than traditional cards. With Apple Pay, all your purchases are verified (either through Touch ID or Face ID), which allows you to use Apple Pay well above the €50 limit or card-based contactless payment. And if you lose your iPhone, you can turn Apple Pay off remotely—in addition to blocking your Memo Bank card.