Your data is secure

All of Memo Bank’s services are designed to ensure the confidentiality of your data and to protect your personal details.

Your private information stays private


Your data is safely hidden away

Because their systems do not always communicate well with each other, some banks store your information in multiple locations across the organization, copying it as often as is necessary. Instead of allowing your data to be shared and duplicated, Memo Bank keeps it all in one place. Outside of this secure vault, it is systematically anonymized and cannot be used to identify you.

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Your data is stored in Europe

We have developed our proprietary banking infrastructure so as not to be dependent on traditional banks. This means your information is never communicated to other banks. It is stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure servers in European data centers.

Your information is protected by several layers of security.

Secure url Memo Bank

Powerful encryption

Encryption scrambles data and renders it illegible to the outside world. Memo Bank uses the TLS protocol to encrypt your data every time is it transferred between our system and your computer or mobile device. Once it’s on our servers, your information is protected by three different levels of encryption.

Secure password Memo Bank

Strong password

If your password is weak, your account is vulnerable and your data is not safe. We assist all Memo Bank clients in creating a robust, hard-to-guess password. There is no such thing as a perfect password, but we will help you come as close as possible by requiring that you follow the latest recommendations in terms of password protection.

2FA transfer approval

Two-factor authentication

Think of your password as the key to your account and two-factor authentication (2FA) as the deadbolt. If someone other than you tries to connect, even if they have your password, they cannot get in. For every login attempt, we send a notification to your mobile device to make sure it’s actually you. Without your confirmation, access is denied.

Memo Bank domain name

Easily identifiable domain name

Phishing is a type of online fraud tactic in which scammers send a link (URL) to a page designed to imitate a trusted site. Targets are then encouraged to enter personal information. To help you quickly tell the difference between a real Memo Bank link or page and a spoofed one, we use a .bank domain name, which can only be used by actual banks. Any link from us will always use which is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to falsify.

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Banking License

Memo Bank was awarded a full banking license from the banking authorities.

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Governance & Team

Meet our Management and Supervisory Boards.