An overdraft to manage cashflow

If your outgoings briefly exceed your receipts, an overdraft can help you address short-term liquidity issues.

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Co-founders of The Beans on Fire
Co-founders of The Beans on Fire

The concept

An authorized overdraft facility allows you to continue making payments even when you have insufficient funds. Think of it as an extra pool of money that you can dip into whenever you need to.

The amount

It's not always easy to predict cash flow issues. To avoid last-minute guesswork and stress, the upper limit of your overdraft is set in advance according to your anticipated needs. Overdraft facilities of up to €500,000 can be arranged based on your specific circumstances.

The duration

Our authorized overdraft can accommodate 15, 30, 45, or 60 consecutive days with a negative balance. This means your account can be overdrawn for up to two months before it must return to the black.

An overdraft you can understand

Clearly set out in detail

With an authorized overdraft from Memo Bank, you know ahead of time how far you can go in the red, for how long, and at what cost (rate). Everything is clearly stated in your contract and can be reviewed at any time.

Available indefinitely

Most overdraft facilities are authorized for six months to a year. Ours is valid for as long as you need it, indefinitely. You decide when you want to withdraw from the agreement.


We do not require a personal guarantee in order to arrange an overdraft facility. We trust you. This means we can process your overdraft request all the more quickly.

From request to authorization in three easy steps



Tell us about your anticipated need and how your business cycle affects your cashflow. We will evaluate your request and your supporting documents remotely.



If we think we can help, your banker will come to see you in order to pull together the final bits of information required to complete your application.



If your request is approved, you can start taking advantage of your overdraft facility as soon as you've signed your overdraft agreement online.