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01Send and receive wire transfers

Send wire transfers in no time. Just select the beneficiary, enter the amount, hit send and voila. Need to make payments to several accounts at the same time? You can upload batch transfers with an XML file. Want your wire transfers to be delivered in less than 10 second? Select the instant transfer option (at no extra cost).

Image showcasing Memo Bank's instant transfert feature.

What sets up apart?

Our infrastructure isn’t a maze of filing cabinets and overflowing folders; it’s state-of-the-art computing technology designed to handle large amounts of data.

Create current accounts for all your needs

Mutil currents accounts

Every account has its role

Stop using your main current account for everything. Open as many secondary current accounts as you want to organize your transactions. Create accounts for your teams, your suppliers, or any expenses.

Every account has its IBANs

All secondary accounts you create have their own IBANs. They are current accounts in their own right. Send and receive transfers from any of them.

Every account has its set of rules

Open and close current accounts whenever you want, without asking your banker's permission. Set a spending limit and define who can access each of them.

Create as many virtual IBANs as you want. For free.

Virtual IBANs interface

Works with all your current accounts

You can create as many virtual IBANs as you want, for each of your Memo Bank current accounts. Your virtual IBANs act as aliases of your main IBAN, they conceal it from a recipient to protect your privacy.

Helps with your bank reconciliation

Create as many virtual IBANs as you need—you might want to create a different one for each of your clients. That way, you'll be able to trace incoming payment depending on the virtual IBAN they go through. Pairing your incoming payments with your outgoing invoices becomes much easier.

Protects your banking privacy

Virtual IBANs conceal your main IBAN to your recipients. With virtual IBANs, none of your suppliers receives the same IBAN—you can send a different one to each of them, without breaking anything. You suppliers still get paid, they just don't see your main IBAN when they do. More privacy for you.

Shapes illustrating current account settings

An account that works for you

Interest-bearing deposits

Funds deposited in Memo Bank current accounts start earning 0.15% to 0.25% per year from the very first euro. An effortless way to build up a little cushion.

No volume fees

You read that right. You only pay the monthly fee, which includes a set number of transactions, and there are no volume fees. Your banking expenses are straightforward and predictable.

What about capital increases?

They are possible and fast. With Memo Bank’s capital accounts, you can quickly deposit or increase your capital. Once your funds have been received, get a certificate within 48 hours only.

Current account

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No volume fees

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