About role

  • Team: Finance and HR
  • Type: CDI
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Planning: Full time
  • Position: Close
  • On:

Talent Acquisition Manager

About you

With well over fifty successful placements under your belt, you know where the good people are and how to attract them – but that isn’t enough for you. At this point in your career, you are only interested in the crème de la crème, the perfect fit between top-notch candidates and the best companies.

Your depth and breadth of experience have taught you to see beyond a resume and have honed your ability to discern someone’s true personality and motivation from the first phone call. You are aware of your personal biases and work to keep them in check when interacting with potential hires.

You know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to recruitment. From tailored communication to customized quantitative analyses, you do what it takes so that all involved are able to make confident hiring decisions. When it comes to attracting the best, you are adamant that every detail counts (website, initial contact, response time, office visit, etc.), not just the official application process.

You genuinely enjoy working in an energetic team united behind an ambitious collective project, so you are fully committed to creating such a team by bringing together the best people from across a variety of backgrounds.

You are a meticulous and organized self-starter capable of expertly managing multiple projects simultaneously.

If you are this person, we want to hear from you.

About the role

Creating a bank requires a high level of collective intelligence from across multiple disciplines: risk, compliance, engineering, product management, design, sales, etc. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is as ambitious as it is exciting. The ambitious part: attract and recruit the best talent in each of these areas of expertise. The exciting part: you will be given the freedom and the resources to go after this challenge.

You will define, drive, and improve every step of our recruitment process: crafting of job postings, scouting promising profiles, selecting candidates, organizing interviews, finalizing offers, etc.

An entrepreneur at heart, you will try out multiple new ideas at once in order to find the best alternatives to classic recruitment methods. You will also develop and enhance our employer brand so that the best talents will be drawn to us.

We plan on doubling the size of our team inside of six months, so the aforementioned will take up most of your time in the beginning. After that, your role will evolve along with the company. Depending on your experience, abilities, and preferences, you could end up recruiting and heading up a hiring team or you might orient yourself more towards other aspects of human resources (team events, training, compensation policy, corporate culture, etc.)


  • Minimum 5 years’ experience, with a significant focus on recruiting software engineers and other technical profiles;
  • Solid understanding of recruitment best practices;
  • Impeccable spelling and grammar in French;
  • Operational English (some interviews may be conducted in English);
  • Familiarity with and interest in HR matters such as diversity and corporate culture;
  • Ability to work with little supervision and to prioritize effectively (a self-directed, self-starter).

Bonus points

Experience managing a team of recruiters.