About role

  • Team: Tech
  • Type: CDI
  • Location: Remote (France)
  • Planning: Full time
  • Position: Close
  • On:

Azure Site Reliability Engineer

About you

A strong believer in the tenants of the DevOps philosophy, you enjoy diving into the challenges of continuous integration and automatisation. Equally drawn to backend development and system administration, you love being able to use your expertise in both to offer meticulously designed solutions on a scalable, high-performing and secure infrastructure.

Nothing makes you happier than when your product meets a real and clearly-identified functional need.

You are optimistic by nature and find an opportunity to learn in every difficulty and in every incident. You take this a step further by actively sharing what you’ve learned so that the wider community benefits. You value diversity and agility: you’d rather figure out the most fitting tools to solve a defined problem than blindly default to your preferred ones.

If you are this person, we want to hear from you.

About the role

We are continuously working diligently to deploy and further enhance the technical infrastructure that we have built from scratch. To reinforce our team, we would like to hire a fourth SRE.

Your main responsibilities will include:

  • Continuous integration of features for our technical product supported by our Core Banking System and written in Elixir, as well as our backend solutions developed in Kotlin, using GitLab;
  • Optimizing continuous deployment in a full cloud environment (AWS, Azure) for web and mobile use, using Infrastructure-as-Code tools such as Ansible, Terraform and Spinnaker;
  • Being one of the in-house experts on distributed systems development projects (Kafka, Consult, Vault) and crucial security topics.

Tests will be a constant part of your work and you will be responsible for your releases.


  • At least 4 years of experience;
  • Significant experience as a SRE/DevOps;
  • Significant experience as a backend developer;
  • Ability to lead an SRE project independently from end to end;
  • Proficient written English.


We encourage all developers to write about their work, to share their knowledge and to participate in conferences as a speaker or attendee. (This is considered working time, of course). In addition, we will buy any technical books you may be interested in and add it to our company library. Here are a few conference talks given by some of the backend engineers you will have the opportunity to work with and some articles they have authored. (If you don’t like to give talks, that’s fine; you won’t have too) :