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  • Team: Tech
  • Type: CDI
  • Location: Remote (Europe)
  • Planning: Full time
  • Position: Close
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Senior Product Manager


We are looking for a Product Manager with the ability to translate our roadmap into concrete features whilst contributing to improving the lives of our clients and bankers. You will join our Customer Experience team, which is expected to grow throughout the year.

About the role

The role

You will be in charge of the implementation of innovative banking products. We are servicing two types of users : our clients (SMEs) and our bankers. In this role, you will have the support of our Head of Customer Experience, as well as our Engineering, Marketing and Finance teams.

We are a small team, which means you’ll have the opportunity to work on a variety of topics that each have an influence on our users’ experience. We rhythm the cycles of problem analysis and solution implementation with a tailored version of the Shape Up methodology. In order to anticipate regulatory constraints as well as technical and business challenges, you will work closely with our product managers, designers, developers, account managers, finance specialists and our risk managers. You will understand our customers’ needs and expectations, internal or external. You’ll have at heart to follow and measure the performance of these initiatives and will also contribute to improving our Customer Experience’s team organization.

You will have a direct impact on our products and our company. You will help SMEs to spend less time managing their finances, and more time on their core businesses. We’ll be by your side to help you fulfill your responsibilities.


Generally speaking, you will:

  • Analyse competition and commercial opportunities.
  • Participate in the identification of our clients’ (internal and external) needs.
  • Look for, implement and manage partnerships when necessary.
  • Conceive and implement new banking products and services whilst adapting with the regulatory and technical constraints.
  • Create an environment in which small ideas can become strong and useful products.
  • Participate in the creation and regular update of a roadmap for the company.
  • Facilitate fast decision making thanks to your problem solving attitude.

About you

You are willing to contribute to building up a new bank. You want to create the best banking experience possible. Thanks to your B2B product knowledge, you are able to explain your decisions to technical and business stakeholders. You adapt your explanations to your audience. You know how to efficiently share your ideas in writing or speaking. You love collaborating with other business units. You know how to summarize complex information to focus on what matters the most.

We hire curious, daring, humble people and then give them a lot of freedom to learn and create. We're much more interested in what you've been doing since you graduated than in your degree. In our experience, evidence of properly-thought-out and well-executed projects tell us more than a piece of paper from even the most prestigious institutions.


We are looking for someone with a solid experience in product management in a B2B environment.

Ideally, you have: - At least five years’ experience in B2B product management, maybe even in the banking industry. - Strong analytical skills - your decisions are data driven. - Recognized experience on projects where everything was yet to be done. Even more, you love starting from a blank page. - Experience with high growth products and a liking for scaling products. - Strong ability to simplify complex topics and juggle with numerous constraints. - Ability to extract useful information out of a large amount of data - you are comfortable both listening to people and making numbers speak. - You can manage your time and focus on what’s essential - your colleagues appreciate your talent for coordination. - Strong written and spoken English. All internal documentation is in English and you will be adding to it.