About role

  • Team: Tech
  • Type: CDI
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Planning: Full time
  • Position: Close
  • On:

Payment Developer

About you

Hipster-organic-pixel-UI crafting is not really your thing. What you like to do is handle big data issues and get your hands dirty. You are production-oriented. You are extremely reliable and your tests will prove it every time. You don’t even raise an eyebrow when refactoring legacy code or mocking dusty SOAP services. The latest hacker-news-cool-kid-technology makes you smile because you don’t buy their marketing. You want the source code, you want sustainability, and you want facts.

If you are this person, we want to hear from you.

About the role

We need you to help us connect our Core Banking System (written with Elixir) to the external world. Without you, SEPA wire transfers and credit card payments won’t happen, which is a bit annoying when you want to become a bank. You are not afraid of anitquated banking infrastructure because if other people manage to deal with them, why shouldn’t you? If you’ve ever wanted to send a wire transfer in a few seconds, it’ll soon be possible. Why? Because you’re going to make it happen, and it’s going to be awesome.


  • Experience with software engineering best practices (testing, code reviews, continuous integration, design documentation…);
  • Experience with dynamic programming languages (Ruby, Python…) or functional programming (Elixir, Clojure…);
  • Background in HTTP, distributed systems, and service-oriented architectures;
  • Integration experience with third party suppliers and systems;
  • Innovative and pragmatic with strong problem solving skills; ability to find solutions to problems in alignment with industry best practices;
  • Love deploying software fast and frequently;
  • Perfect spelling and grammar (in your mother tongue);
  • Decent written and spoken English;
  • Autonomous and able to prioritize effectively.

Bonus points

  • Experience with design of APIs;
  • Background in payment systems;
  • Knowledge of SQL/DB usage and performance.