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We firmly believe SMEs need a new kind of bank. Come help us modernize how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) manage their cash flow and finance their projects.

Nos objectifs

What we do

Make bankers great again

After being in the limelight for all of the wrong reasons, we are convinced that bankers are ready for a come-back. When they are well-equipped and properly-trained, bankers can meet the moment by being the financial heroes that so many companies desperately need these days.

Make the best use of technology

We think technology should be implemented anywhere and everywhere it can be useful, and by that we mean wherever it can save time or automate repetitive tasks.

Make our work easy to understand

Who has access to my company's current account? Why was I charged additional fees? A modern bank needs to be able to answer these questions without hiding behind PDFs written in a strange mix of layman's terms and legalese.

Aspiring to be the bank of choice for SMEs

Where we started

Memo Bank was created in 2017. We started with a small team under the name TrustBK. We now number almost fifty spread across Paris, Lyon, and half a dozen other cities. In all, we have raised just over 40 million euros. While our main offices are in Paris, we are fortunate to be able to work from pretty much anywhere we'd like to live (within reason).

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Where we're headed

We have a simple, yet ambitious goal: to provide French and European SMEs with the financial products and services they deserve. While we've already managed to obtain a full banking license and have officially launched, there is still a lot of work to be done. Come help us become the bank of choice for SMEs.

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Our teams

Équipe Opérations


Équipe Finance et RH

Finance and HR


What we offer

Great offices and remote working

Our offices are located in the heart of Paris, not far from the old banking district where the headquarters of France's largest banks are located. We get together in the office on a regular basis to touch base. The rest of the time, however, we work from wherever we want.

If you live outside of Ile-de-France, we can set up your schedule in such a way that you won't need to be in Paris that often (assuming you are in a role where that doesn't have a negative operational impact). The handful of times that you'll need to be physically present in the office, we will cover your train tickets and lodging.


We offer all of our employees:

  • a competitive salary;
  • Axa supplemental health coverage (mutuelle) financed 80% by the company;
  • an 80% reimbursement of the Pass Navigo or a biking bonus;
  • a carte Liberté SNCF (if you live outside of Ile-de-France);
  • luncheon vouchers (Swile);
  • Apple MacBook Pro and Dell monitor;
  • a 1Password subscription (for you and members of your household);
  • up to 1500€ per year to attend conferences;
  • enough credits on Fleex to upgrade your home office.

Current openings

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