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“It took us less than a month to move 90% of our flow of funds to Memo Bank.”

Julian Aroun
Drap cofounder

Transitioning your bank account. Without the hassle.

Switching from one bank to another in order to benefit from better banking services sounds exciting… until you realize that there's no easy way to do so. When it comes to banking, there's no such thing as a “one click switching service”. You have to move your flow of funds one by one, and the same goes for your beneficiaries. Oh, and don't make any mistake along the way, otherwise some of your current cash flows might blow up.

For personal current accounts, French law forces banks to cooperate in order to transfer your data as you move from one bank to another. Unfortunately, this law doesn't apply to business current accounts. If you run a business and you're about to switch to another bank, you'll have to take care of your own bank mobility, on your own.

In order to help our client switch to Memo Bank, we're offering the help of a dedicated service. This service helps you move your flow of funds to Memo Bank, along with all your beneficiaries, to get you up and running in no time.

Jonathan Lefèvre, head of our customer service
Jonathan Lefèvre, head of our customer service

Switching to Memo Bank in 8 easy steps


Set your account up

As soon as you sign up for Memo Bank, you'll get an IBAN allowing you to transfer funds from your current bank account to your new Memo Bank account.


Invite your team

Send e-mail invites to all the people that need to access your bank account. They'll be able to create their own Memo Bank account, with their own user profile. No need to share your Memo Bank password with the rest of your team.


Let us import your beneficiaries

Send us your list of beneficiaries. Just copy the list of your beneficiaries in your current bank accounts, paste it in a spreadsheet, and we'll take it from there. We'll turn your list into a CSV to import all your beneficiaries in your Memo Bank workspace.


Let us list all your partners

We'll extract a list of your most important clients and suppliers by looking at your bank statements. Using that list, you'll be able to know how to move each and every flow of funds you currently have.


Advise your partners

Let your partner know that you've switched to another bank and send them your Memo Bank IBAN. You can even use our A4 template to save time in the process.


Move your direct debits

For every direct debit you have, you'll need to enter your Memo Bank IBAN in the “bank account“ cell of your provider's online subscription form. Thanks to your banking statements, we can help you list all the direct debits you need to move.


Move your recurring card payments

Same as your direct debit: just create Memo Bank virtual payment cards and use them to replace the cards you're currently paying with on all the services you've subscribed to.


Enjoy your Memo Bank account

Give yourself a pat on the back. You made it, you switched to Memo Bank. Depending on the number of traditional banks you're already using, you might want to close some of your former accounts for good, or keep them for a rainy day.

”We relied on Memo Bank's help to set our new account up. Thanks to their mail template, we advised all our partners in a very short time.”

Patrick Girard
Founder and CEO of Serveast

As simple as an online bank. As reliable as a good old one.

With Memo Bank, you don't have to chose between a great website and a great banker. You get access to both.

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